Securus Technologies Protected My Lesbian Niece

This a letter of great thanks to Securus Technologies. Because of your program, my niece was able to avoid getting jumped by some other inmates. My niece is a lesbian. she has always felt it was important to let anyone she was talking to know her sexual preference. I tried to teach her about being discreet. She felt I was asking her to deny who she felt she was. I asked her to simply keep her mouth shut. But she feels that if it is out in the open then she will have less explaining to do. She always wanted to take the guesswork out of curious people around her. Well, in prison , her rules of life didn’t go over so swell. She wound up making enemies faster than she was making friends. Securus Technologies has a program where the telephone calls of inmates are monitored. It was in this program that it was noted that she admitted to have an alternative lifestyle. Once Securus Technologies made a note of this, it was told to the authorities. My niece had no idea that there was a special block for lesbians. Now she would feel at home. She will feel safe. She doesn’t have to prove herself. And she doesn’t have to explain anything. She was not aware of this option when she was admitted to the jail. I am so grateful that Securus Technologies heard and took note of the situation. It could have saved my niece from being hurt. Things were getting pretty tense where she was before. They were able to move her in a short time. When she left, she was not in danger. I would like to thank Securus Technologies for the program they already have in place. The inmates are monitored for their own good.