Paul Mampilly: Sharing His Recipe For Investment Growth

On March 9th 2017 PRNewswire did a press release announcing that Profits Unlimited, a financial newsletter, surpassed 60,000 subscribers. Paul Mampilly, CFA is the Senior Editor of Profits Unlimited which is put out by Banyan Hill Publishing. Mampilly’s started the financial newsletter in 2016 with the goal of helping Main Street Americans make profitable investments in the stock market. Mr. Mampilly recommends stocks in his weekly newsletter tracks the recommended stocks on his website for all to see. The idea is not to invest the reader’s capital for them rather the subscriber buy the stocks on their own.

Paul Mampilly has over 25 years of investment experience. He grew up in India but at the age of 18 he came to the United States to attend college. Mr. Mampilly earned his MBA from Fordham University in 1996. He started his career in 1991 as a Research Assistant with Deutsche Bank. From there he would go on to manage multimillion dollar accounts for the Royal Bank of Scotland, Sears and Bankers Trust. Over the years Mampilly has developed a reputation for being able to spot companies that succeed based on their innovative business models. This created a strong demand for his valued advise.

After over 20 years of hands on investing experience, Mr. Paul Mampilly decided to change course and move into investment advising. He won the Templeton Foundation portfolio competition in 2009 for generating a portfolio that earned 76% in profits. In recent years Mampilly is a regular guest on CNBC, Fox Business News and Bloomberg TV. His mission with Profits Unlimited is to help advise every day people in making investments that provide the same returns large investment firms acquire.

In several interviews Paul Mampilly has emphasized that the stock market is on the verge of a generational bullrun. He believes this bull run will surpass the bull market that lasted from 1982 to 2000. Mampilly attributes his optimism to the potential investment opportunities that will come from the Internet of Things. Im sure Profits Unlimite will experience continued growth.

Hope for Lung Patients- Lung Institute

The human body is very delicate; at times conditions and diseases can affect the body without our knowledge that is why the body needs regular medical checkups. The human body is affected by several conditions including lung condition which referred by the medical experts as Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD). Over the years doctors have been carrying out studies and research to get an alternative lung treatment. One of the researchers that have been conducted and has shown to success is the stem cell therapy. The stem cell treatment has given lung patients new hope, and a reason to live longer.

For the lung treatment, the stem cells are extracted from the bone marrow or the blood vessels of an adult patient. According to medical experts, adults can form many types of differentiated cells which help in the lung therapy when they are returned to the human or the patient’s body. The lung treatment using stem cell therapy is a process as listed below.

  • Harvest: the medical expert takes a small sample of the bone marrow and blood from the lung patient.
  • Separate: the next step they take is to isolate the stem cell from the sample.
  • Return: after the separation the health experts then return the separated stem cell to the blood stream to begin treatment.

When the stem cells are returned to the body they target the lungs by being pushed to the correct chamber of the heart and to the lungs, then the stem are naturally stored in the pulmonary trap where they start to promote healing.

Lung Institute is a medical institution which primarily deals with the lung treatment using stem cell therapy. The health facility has built its success story (see, over the years it has been in existence by treating their patients differently according to their lung issues and making sure they rare back to their feet and normal business.

The Lung Institute ( has been inexistence for an extended period of time with medical experts who are experienced and have gained recognition all over the world. The lung institute can well be described as a world class medical facility which has been using the stem cells to promote lung condition healing. Eve r since its foundation it has been dedicated to assist patient who do not respond to medication and also those who wish not us e medicine for the lung treatment. Check out the Facebook page to learn more.

George Soros Cares about Making a Difference


To George Soros, there is no point in having all of the money that he is if he is not able to use it to make a difference in the country that he loves so much. He wants to help people with the needs that they have and he also wants to be able to provide them with the information that they need about politics and how that can have an effect on the different things that they are doing. For George Soros, doing what he can to make things better for the people who do different things is one of the only ways that he can make a difference in the world. He worked hard for his money and wanted to use it the right way. Changing things about the options that are available to everyone in the country is the easiest way for George Soros to try and get the most out of the money that he has.

The Open Society Foundation recently published information about George Soros. On this page, they talk about the different things that he has done throughout his life. These things include providing options to those who are needy, helping to find new opportunities for people who have never had them before and even being able to show people the differences in the way that life works depending on which political party is in power. George Soros wants people to see that their voice counts and that politics really can make a difference in their own personal lives.

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Many people who are in poverty situations do not have a clear understanding of what politics can mean for them. They may not even know that they can vote or that their vote counts for something. George Soros has created educational opportunities for each of these people. He offers free resources to them that include information about politics and the way that politics have a direct effect on specific socioeconomic situations. This is something that has changed over the years and something that George Soros has wanted to make a difference with. Learn more on Biography about George

As a supporter of the Democratic Party, George Soros knows what it means to care about people other than himself. He wants to use the money that he made to make things better for people and to show them what they are able to do even if they don’t have a lot of resources. Because of the way that things have worked for George Soros in the past, Open Society Foundation reported that he has donated over 12 billion dollars to philanthropic efforts. This is more than most people can even dream of and is certainly more than most people have donated to causes.

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Norman Pattiz

In February 2017 the first-ever study of before and after brand lift results for podcast advertising was announced. The results of the comprehensive studies announced by Podcast Chairman Norman Pattiz and Tom Webster, a VP of Strategy at Edison Research. The study was conducted using five major consumer brands and five different product categories. Held over the last half of 2016 the results showed a significant improvement in brand recall, intent to purchase and better recall of specific messaging.

Conducted on behalf of PodcastOne by Edison Research the studies clearly show that podcast listeners are receptive to brand advertising and showed an increased willingness to consider the purchase of the brands used in the studies. Learn more about Norman Pattiz:

The findings of the survey were quite dramatic. A full 60% of listeners were familiar with a specific grocery store brand after a 4-6 week add campaign, up from 7% among the same listeners before the add campaign took place. A financial service provider experienced a 47% gain in customer awareness, an aftermarket automotive product had a 37% increase, and a garden product realized a 24% after using podcast advertising. To read the complete results of this study, please visit .

According to Forbes, Norman Pattiz is a giant in the broadcast industry, his list of accomplishments is long and well known. For over 40 years he has been bringing us some of the most listened to programs in the radio industry. Norman Pattiz has brought us programs such a the CBS News, NFL Football, The Super Bowl, The Olympic Games, to mention only a few.

He has served on the Broadcasting Board of Governors, for President’s Bush and Clinton. The Broadcasting Board of Governors brings both The Voice of America and Radio Free Europe to listeners around the world. Norman Pattiz was instrumental in launching America’s Arabic language radio, now broadcast in 22 Middle East countries and has over 40 million listeners.

Norman career extends well beyond the broadcast industry. He has served in positions involving national security at both the national and regional level, he has worked for the Los Angeles sheriff’s department, as the director of the Office of Foreign Relations and served as a Homeland Security Advisory.

Pattiz has also offered his considerable talent to helping higher education, he has been Director of The Regents at The University Of California and served on the boards of the University of Southern California and the Annenberg School of Communication.

He has received many awards for his outstanding contributions to both the private and public sector. Among the more notable is the Broadcaster of the Year Award, The Freedom of Speech Award, and the Distinguished Education Service Award. He has been married for over 30 years and resides in Beverly Hills, California.

Ideal Ways of Ensuring Perfect Online Reputation Management

There is so much of company’s internet traffic following that many ventures have unearthed the power behind digital commanding of their trademarks. It is quite critical to ensure that you maintain the best name online. It comes with integration of several responsibilities such as; updating your platform often, ensuring the best website, active online marketing as well as involving third parties in your media broadcasting. You must also remain observant of the online trends, as you closely monitor and correct issues rose.

Best Strategies to Employ to Handle Online Reviews and Criticisms

According to, in most cases people dread the appraisals because they are not always positive. However, this should never be the case. Instead, they should be utilized as tools through which you consistently and diligently labor towards refining your digital brand. The reviews keep you on your toes, especially considering that most of the potential online customers easily buy information obtained from the testimonials. For you to appear legit, responsible and authoritative, you must observe quick and well-thought responses to the reviews made, clarifying the ambiguities and correcting wrong notions.

Understanding Secrets to Ultimate Online Reputation Management

It is crucial to understand that your online name precedes you. As such, you must also understand that potential customers conduct thorough searches before settling on any enterprise for a business relationship. For this reason, you must ensure an impressive page one, down to the very last page. Make the most attractive interface, and make the content relevant. Again when negative appraisals hit like a punch in the gut, do not get defensive or ignore them. Remember the world is watching! Act responsibly by getting concerned in a positive way so as to resolve the issue.


Proper commanding of your online reputation is a continuous process. You grow your brand gradually depending on how aggressive you are. As well, you must ensure that you have reliable and trained customer care agents. They must be ready to take care of any kind of ripple effect caused by dissatisfied clients. This way, the public will easily appreciate your maturity in handling the issue, and you will eventually win their trust.

Twenty Three Layers: The Rising Star in Event Planning

HGTV recently gave an article giving 10 tips for a stress free party. These tips are spectacular and fun. And even though they make these steps really easy and straight to the point, your event would look like it was prepared by one of those top, professional event planners in NYC. The 10 tips are as follows:


Simple planning

  • Simple planning- they mentioned starting early, staying organized, host and create a memorable affair, and download and print a detailed party planning list.


Getting organized

  • Getting organized- keeping several lists that require continual updating of the planning process


Make a theme

  • Make a theme- there are endless possibilities.


Send invites

  • Send invites- online invitations are fine for last minute events, but it’s not quite like a mailed invitation that sets the tone.


Provide a self-serving bar

  • Provide a self-serving bar- to set a bar so that guests can have fun making their own drinks


Make a specialty concoction

  • Make a specialty concoction- serving a specialty cocktail leaves a lasting impression, especially when served with creative garnishes or in a chic glass.


Maintain simple appetizers

  • Maintain simple appetizers- by having trays of hors d’oeuvres with a few favorites, like toasted pita wedges with eggplant dip and hummus, and warm Marcona almonds with sprinkled sea salt.


Set up a children’s table

  • Set up a children’s table- cover a table with butcher paper, and use bamboo plates for settings, a cupcake centerpiece, colored pencils bundled in Mason jars, etc. for children.


Maintain simple settings

  • Maintain simple settings- examples, like tie flatware, pretty fabric or ribbon, and glass vases filled with seashells are great.


Remembering the favors

  • Remembering the favors- this could be pretty boxes with homemade baked goods or candies or small terra-cotta pots with flowers and herbs, for instance. For more info on creating an event like one of the corporate event planners in NYC, click here.


About Twenty Three Layers


One of the fastest growing and most trendy event planning companies in NYC, Twenty Three Layers is an full service company offering event planning and design firm. They offer the following services: Venue selection, catering, floral design, entertainment, photography, lighting, branding, production, fabrication, custom printing, styling, and workshops.

Andrea McWilliams – Skilled Lobbyist And Powerful Political Strategist That Believes In Getting Results

Andrea McWilliams is one of the most powerful lobbyists and public figures in Texas and has an extensive hold over the political scene of the region as well as the country. She is known to be one of the most influential political commentators in the nation and devotes her time smartly to both the public and the private sector. Her role as one of the leading fundraisers in the country and a great political strategists is well-covered and documented by leading media and publication houses, such as FOX News, NPR, Newsweek, CNN, the Wall Street Journal, BBC and USA Today. She was named one of the most powerful political aids to the people in power and politics by Texas Women’s Chamber of Commerce and has featured on numerous reputed publications in Texas.

She received “2016 Texas Businesswoman of the Year Finalist” award by Texas Women’s Chamber of Commerce and also received “Profiles In Power” by reputed Austin Business Journal. The Girls Scouts of Central Texas has also awarded their highest award to Andrea McWilliams, “Woman of Distinction” Award. Previously, she was also honored with the “Austin Under 40” award, which is a prestigious award to be won by a female. Recently, Andrea also received the famous “Style Setter” award during the Austin Fashion Week to recognize her hard work, dedication, and commitment to the various local non-profit organizations.

Andrea McWilliams is one of the most dynamic and enthusiastic personalities one can ever come across, and she is always on the move. She likes to use her time effectively and have her day scheduled well in advance to ensure the time is divided well to make the day as productive as possible. It is such managerial skills and operational excellence that led her to become the chief of staff at the age of 21, Andrea went on to further develop her skills and showcase her talent at leading PR Company, Public Strategies, Inc. At present, Andrea McWilliams serves as the co-founder of McWilliams, which is a comprehensive service firm and is a government affairs consultancy.

Andrea runs her firm McWilliams with the help of her husband, Dean McWilliams, who is also a widely respected government affairs expert. The combined effort of Dean and Andrea has helped McWilliams to become one of the most popular and widely recognized as a state liaison consultant.

Andrea and Dean McWilliams are the residents of Old Enfield and live in a large historic home in a sprawling multi-acre estate. She works in collaboration with the Austin Business Journal to act as a mentor and guide for many of the young female businesswomen in Central Texas and other local areas. For the fundraising event named “Dancing With The Starts,” Andrea McWilliams even acted as a celebrity dancer. She is a highly active philanthropist and doesn’t shy away from volunteering, making financial contributions or even dancing for the noble cause as shown in the example above. She has been on the board of many not for profit organizations, namely Arthouse, Elizabeth Ann Seton Hospital, Pioneer Farms, Rise Across Texas Challenge, HeartGift, Texas Lyceum, and more.

Felipe Montoro Jens on the changes that the Brazilian Real Estate Industry needs

The real estate industry in Brazil has been growing and expanding a lot over the years. This does not mean that there haven’t been challenges. As a matter of fact, one of the main challenges that have been persistent in the sector is the issue of sanitation on Even though Brazil is industrializing very fast, there are certain things that are still reminiscent of the third world state of disorganization in certain if not most parts of the major cities. The argument at that has been going on for the longest time is whether it is the responsibility of the state to provide proper sanitation or the private companies should do that.

Currently, the private companies are the ones that provide sanitation to over 70 percent of the population in the country. However, like all the other privatized services on, sometimes the cost becomes a little hard to manage, especially for the low income earners. Long term solutions in the sector can only be achieved if the government is willing to partner with these companies in the long term transformation of the sector.

Felipe Montoro Jens has been a real estate developer for the past few decades. Felipe Montoro Jens has a deep understanding of the issues that plague the sector and has been working with other stakeholders to get a lasting solution. The one thing that Felipe Montoro Jens advocates for is that there is no single solution that will help the entire country and that it is best to find a solution that works best for each state.

On his part, he has been involve in initiatives such as the value added real estate investments whereby waste recycling and energy and water conservation measures are incorporated into the building process. The eventual success of the sector will ultimately depend on the sacrifices that the players are willing to make.

CEO Talks About Maintaining Momentum

Status Labs CEO, Darius Fisher, was recently interviewed on the DreamCast podcast. He discussed many aspects of his business during the interview, but one of the more interesting topics he touched on was how entrepreneurs are often well served by simply doing something. Taking some action is ultimately better than taking no action, Fisher contends. This is a sentiment widely expressed by many of the most successful people in business.



Avoiding analysis paralysis is more important than making mistakes


Fisher is a firm believer in mistakes. Not making them for their own sake, he says that they should be avoided wherever possible. But he believes that it is primarily through mistakes that lessons are learned and the chance to grow as an entrepreneur is achieved.


Fisher, however, sees one mistake as being so great that it can be difficult to overcome. That is the mistake of total inaction. Fisher believes that too many entrepreneurs with great potential get bogged down by either analysis paralysis, getting being mired in thought to the point where they no longer take actions or by having too many ideas and not being able to sufficiently focus on any one. Fisher believes that for people who fit this description, it is far better to simply focus on doing something then carry that task through to completion.


According to The Daily Beast, Fisher also believes strongly in the wisdom of diversification, not just of investments or products but in terms of nearly every aspect of a business. For example, he attributes the continued success of Status Labs largely to having such a well-diversified client list. While it is often a major disappointment to lose a major client with whom employees have worked extensively on projects, Status Labs is mostly shielded from the effects of losing any one, or even any ten clients at once. This is because they have such a deep, healthy client list that they can easily stay afloat, should a few things go wrong over the near term. Such a diversified client model also gives the employees the ability to select the projects for which their talents are best suited.

Securus Technologies Helps Combat Illegal Cell Phone Use In Prisons

Recently, Securus Technologies has released a brand new security feature for their existing prison inmate communications systems. This new technology allows the communication system to detect and block any signal from illegally used cell phones in the prison system. Contraband cell phones are one of the biggest problems that jails and prisons across America face today.


This new service, called Wireless Containment Solution (WCS) is exclusive to the Securus operating system. WCS can detect illegal cell phone signals from inside the prison, block the signal from intercepting the prisons’ wireless network signal, and ping a signal back to the illegal cell phone capturing any unapproved communications made with the cell phone.


This process is being implemented in state correctional institutes across the nation with positive results. WCS is also helping investigators crack down on illegal activities inside and outside the prison system by collecting data from the illegal cell phone wireless signals and alerting investigators to patterns, people called or texted, and people of interest both inside and outside the penal system.


CEO of Securus Technologies, Rick Smith, stated that he applauded the prison systems across the nation for implementing this latest in Securus technology. Mr. Smith stated, “States are implementing Wireless Containment Solutions, because it works to keep the public safe. Our teams are aggressively deploying this best-in-class solution to help correctional facilities control and manage contraband cellular and wireless devices in prisons and jails across the United States.”


This brand new safety system is the latest in a long line of cutting edge technology the Securus currently has patented or is in the approval process. Securus takes safety and security seriously as they have the most patents in effect currently (140), and Securus is seeking approval of ninety more.


Securus Technologies is located in the Dallas, Texas, area and specializes in safety and security in over 3,400 jails, prison, and public safety buildings for 1,200,000 inmates. Securus also provides: biometric analysis, investigation, information management, emergency response, incident management, communication, inmate self service, and monitoring products. To learn more about Securus Technologies products and services, please click here.