How Betsy DeVos has facilitated the Improvement of the U.S School System

Several women in the United States have strived to shatter the glass ceiling in the corporate world, and one of them is Betsy DeVos. She is a celebrated philanthropist who has devoted herself to supporting American children by pushing for reforms in the school system. Her campaigns have had a positive impact in over 25 states. The Senate approved Betsy to become the 11th U.S secretary of education. She has championed several policies that have significantly improved the school system. These include the use of the alternative methods such as charter schools, virtual schools, home schooling, and school voucher. Mrs. DeVos held a top position at the American Federation for Children (AFC) and the Foundation for Excellence in Education, which are organizations that were established to ensure that the country has excellent education standards. She has been advocating for flexibility in learning institution to enroll children from different neighborhoods.


Mrs. DeVos believes that there are no good schools in most low-income neighborhoods, and this denies children from such areas an opportunity to have a decent education. According to her, the main flaw in the system is the admission of children to schools based on their ZIP codes. Betsy opposes the system since it denies many individuals a chance to meet their career goals by attending good learning institutions. She has volunteered at organizations such as Kid Hope USA, Grand Rapids Public School, and the All Children Matter PAC.


The success of Betsy in her charity work is due to the support that she gets from her husband, Dick DeVos. Dick is a well-established entrepreneur who once served as the CEO of Amway and Orlando Magic, which are his family’s businesses. The couple also own a multi-million dollar company that is known as the Windquest Group. They started the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation to enable them to support different charity undertakings across the country. The accomplishments of the organization include funding the development of the ArtPrize and West Michigan Aviation College.


The philanthropist has established herself well in the political field. She is among the major supporters and donors of the Republican Party. Betsy has served the party’s Michigan office in different capacities, which include as a delegate, member of the Republican National Committee, and chairperson. She volunteered to the campaign for President George W. Bush and President Gerald R. Ford in 2004 and 1976 respectively. Mrs. DeVos has been part of a couple of party fundraisers, and her team raised $150,000 for President Bush’s re-election.


Betsy is striving to make sure that parents are offered the power to decide the schools that their children should join. Her family sponsored the Potter’s House Christian School to ensure that it continues offering free education to disadvantaged children. She is expected to make significant changes to the school system as the secretary of education.


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