Twenty Three Layers: The Rising Star in Event Planning

HGTV recently gave an article giving 10 tips for a stress free party. These tips are spectacular and fun. And even though they make these steps really easy and straight to the point, your event would look like it was prepared by one of those top, professional event planners in NYC. The 10 tips are as follows:


Simple planning

  • Simple planning- they mentioned starting early, staying organized, host and create a memorable affair, and download and print a detailed party planning list.


Getting organized

  • Getting organized- keeping several lists that require continual updating of the planning process


Make a theme

  • Make a theme- there are endless possibilities.


Send invites

  • Send invites- online invitations are fine for last minute events, but it’s not quite like a mailed invitation that sets the tone.


Provide a self-serving bar

  • Provide a self-serving bar- to set a bar so that guests can have fun making their own drinks


Make a specialty concoction

  • Make a specialty concoction- serving a specialty cocktail leaves a lasting impression, especially when served with creative garnishes or in a chic glass.


Maintain simple appetizers

  • Maintain simple appetizers- by having trays of hors d’oeuvres with a few favorites, like toasted pita wedges with eggplant dip and hummus, and warm Marcona almonds with sprinkled sea salt.


Set up a children’s table

  • Set up a children’s table- cover a table with butcher paper, and use bamboo plates for settings, a cupcake centerpiece, colored pencils bundled in Mason jars, etc. for children.


Maintain simple settings

  • Maintain simple settings- examples, like tie flatware, pretty fabric or ribbon, and glass vases filled with seashells are great.


Remembering the favors

  • Remembering the favors- this could be pretty boxes with homemade baked goods or candies or small terra-cotta pots with flowers and herbs, for instance. For more info on creating an event like one of the corporate event planners in NYC, click here.


About Twenty Three Layers


One of the fastest growing and most trendy event planning companies in NYC, Twenty Three Layers is an full service company offering event planning and design firm. They offer the following services: Venue selection, catering, floral design, entertainment, photography, lighting, branding, production, fabrication, custom printing, styling, and workshops.