The Chainsmokers’ Short Tutorial For The Song “Somebody” And Its Other Recent Commercial Success

The world already knows the electric and wonderfully creative EDM production duo The Chainsmokers as a popular name. Its fans know Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall as the creators of the brand. Its fans already have purchased the duo’s hit albums and listened to the disarming beats that they have managed to churn out almost regularly at the pleasure of their fans. However, what most of their fans don’t often hear about or see is the actual creative process of The Chainsmokers in creating their songs. That would change now.


In a Billboard article, a Facebook upload of The Chainsmokers is recently released. The video shows Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall playing the piano and tinkering with their computer to produce the synths for their song “Somebody”. The fans of The Chainsmokers can hopefully learn a lot from the short video. The fans may even see how Pall and Taggart create the kind of synths that would make for a commercially hit track. These fans can also get a taste of the tireless process of The Chainsmokers in bringing out the best of their music to their fans.


About The Chainsmokers


The EDM production duo The Chainsmokers is composed of Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall, and it’s now one of the most famous, commercially successful production teams today that have managed to beat the competition in the EDM music genre. The duo is also famous for its spectacular performances, including the Ultra Miami 2018 Live Performance they did, which was described to be epic.


It is also one of the biggest achievements of The Chainsmokers to have its second single get an impressive one billion streams in the famous music platform, Spotify. This makes The Chainsmokers the first ever DJ team to have been recognized by Billboard as part of its recently launched Best Dance 100 Songs list.


The new category is officially released by Matt Medved, Billboard’s Director for its Dance and Electronic Programming. He declared that the new category is an effort to recognize the data-driven ranking of various dance music production teams. It’s then such a fortunate turn of events for The Chainsmokers to be the first DJ group ranked in such new Billboard category.

The Chainsmokers Alex Pall Branches Out

Alex Pall grew up with aspirations of becoming a DJ. Before moving to New York City he was already producing music before forming the electronic music duo known as The Chainsmokers. The duo is now ubiquitous on the radio with hits like “Roses” and “Don’t Let Me Down”. More recently the other half of the duo Drew Taggart has begun singing on one of their songs for the first time.

While Alex was a busy working DJ in New York when he first began, it was still mostly a hobby than a career. As time went on and he became more popular he realized that electronic dance music was his future and decided to dedicate himself to it full time. After the second original member of The Chainsmokers left the duo his manager introduced him to Drew Taggart as a possible replacement.

They hit off immediately and very quickly Drew moved from his home in Maine to Alex’s apartment in the city. They spent months working on new music every day from 9 till 7 and building their brand and identity as musicians at the same time. There was a very complimentary aspect to their relationship that proved to be the key to success.

After finding significant radio and popular success creating traditional electronic music, music where other more traditional singer-songwriters would provide the vocals and the lyrics while they provided the beat and production, on their latest single they have begun writing and singing their own lyrics. Alex feels that The Chainsmokers have more to offer than the traditional DJ who only produces or mixes music and beats but rarely sings.

The Chainsmokers have continued to find enormous success with both their music and building an identity as artists that have grown beyond sitting behind a turntable. While many DJ’s are content to spin records and let others do the singing, they have strived to create a name for themselves as something more. With multiple around the world tours, hundreds of sold out concerts, and fans that span multiple generations and countries, it can be said that they have definitely achieved their goal.