Securus Technologies Revolutionizes Telecom Services in Correctional Facilities

Securus Technologies is a technology company specializing in telecom services in correctional facilities throughout North America. It was founded in 1986 in Dallas, Texas. With approximately 1000 employees, Securus Technologies has expanded its services throughout the United States. In July 2016, Securus Technologies invested over 600 million dollars in technologies, acquisitions, and patent within three years.

About Securus Technologies

As a tech savvy company, Securus Technologies devotes to assisting correctional facilities and government agencies in collecting, consolidating, visualizing, storing, and distributing information in the right way to ensure public safety. Securus Technologies ranks as the leading provider of tracking solutions, which aid the government in improving its efficiency.

Securus Technologies Telephony Services

With extensive experience in the world of technology, Securus Technologies understands the importance of having a variety of options when it comes to adding funds to inmate telephone accounts. Securus Technologies offer a broad range of payment options. Here are a few payment options of Securus Technologies’ telephony services. AdvanceConnect is a prepaid calling account. It’s one of Securus Technologies’ widely used payment option. A prepaid account enables you to keep track of your expenditure on telephony services. AdvanceConnect is the most commonly used payment option for inmate phone services.

Contrary, Direct Bill allows you to have all your charges billed monthly. It also allows you to receive calls directly from the detainees. Direct Bill is similar to Traditional Collect account, which includes all your call charges on your local company on a monthly basis. An Inmate Debit account allows the user to pay for all their telephone services on a monthly basis. It also allows friends and family to add funds to an inmate’s account. Securus Technologies has ensured adequate security in correctional facilities. Securus Technologies leverages its expertise in telecom to help correctional facilities maintain accuracy and relevance of their information.

Securus Technologies Helps Combat Illegal Cell Phone Use In Prisons

Recently, Securus Technologies has released a brand new security feature for their existing prison inmate communications systems. This new technology allows the communication system to detect and block any signal from illegally used cell phones in the prison system. Contraband cell phones are one of the biggest problems that jails and prisons across America face today.


This new service, called Wireless Containment Solution (WCS) is exclusive to the Securus operating system. WCS can detect illegal cell phone signals from inside the prison, block the signal from intercepting the prisons’ wireless network signal, and ping a signal back to the illegal cell phone capturing any unapproved communications made with the cell phone.


This process is being implemented in state correctional institutes across the nation with positive results. WCS is also helping investigators crack down on illegal activities inside and outside the prison system by collecting data from the illegal cell phone wireless signals and alerting investigators to patterns, people called or texted, and people of interest both inside and outside the penal system.


CEO of Securus Technologies, Rick Smith, stated that he applauded the prison systems across the nation for implementing this latest in Securus technology. Mr. Smith stated, “States are implementing Wireless Containment Solutions, because it works to keep the public safe. Our teams are aggressively deploying this best-in-class solution to help correctional facilities control and manage contraband cellular and wireless devices in prisons and jails across the United States.”


This brand new safety system is the latest in a long line of cutting edge technology the Securus currently has patented or is in the approval process. Securus takes safety and security seriously as they have the most patents in effect currently (140), and Securus is seeking approval of ninety more.


Securus Technologies is located in the Dallas, Texas, area and specializes in safety and security in over 3,400 jails, prison, and public safety buildings for 1,200,000 inmates. Securus also provides: biometric analysis, investigation, information management, emergency response, incident management, communication, inmate self service, and monitoring products. To learn more about Securus Technologies products and services, please click here.


Securus Technologies Protected My Lesbian Niece

This a letter of great thanks to Securus Technologies. Because of your program, my niece was able to avoid getting jumped by some other inmates. My niece is a lesbian. she has always felt it was important to let anyone she was talking to know her sexual preference. I tried to teach her about being discreet. She felt I was asking her to deny who she felt she was. I asked her to simply keep her mouth shut. But she feels that if it is out in the open then she will have less explaining to do. She always wanted to take the guesswork out of curious people around her. Well, in prison , her rules of life didn’t go over so swell. She wound up making enemies faster than she was making friends. Securus Technologies has a program where the telephone calls of inmates are monitored. It was in this program that it was noted that she admitted to have an alternative lifestyle. Once Securus Technologies made a note of this, it was told to the authorities. My niece had no idea that there was a special block for lesbians. Now she would feel at home. She will feel safe. She doesn’t have to prove herself. And she doesn’t have to explain anything. She was not aware of this option when she was admitted to the jail. I am so grateful that Securus Technologies heard and took note of the situation. It could have saved my niece from being hurt. Things were getting pretty tense where she was before. They were able to move her in a short time. When she left, she was not in danger. I would like to thank Securus Technologies for the program they already have in place. The inmates are monitored for their own good.


Securus Technology Presents an Innovative and Convenient Method for Family to Connect with their Jailed Relatives

Christmas is almost here. Most families desire the opportunity to share Christmas merriment with their incarcerated loved ones. Most of these families get tired as a result of the long drive to the jail and as they wait in long queues for their visit. People desire the convenience of scheduling their next visits according to the prison availability instead of being subjected to restricted visitation times. They would also prefer the convenience of contacting their jailed members without leaving their houses. These prisoner-family associations have the capability if minimizing prisoner recidivism. Securus Technology provides a convenient and innovative solution for family members to keep in touch with their jailed relatives this Christmas.


About Securus Technology Company

Securus Technology is an American company that offers both criminal justice resolutions and civil equipment that revolutionize the imprisonment incidents. The company also supplies Public Safety Solutions to support law enforcement bureaus in their mobile law enforcement and emergency response dispatch. Most prisons in America rely on Securus Technology’s influential, readily available, and simple technology solutions. Securus Technology has its headquarters in Dallas, Texas and affords family members the chance to keep in touch with their imprisoned relatives. Thanks to its video visitation technology.


Securus Video Visitation will enable family members to share Christmas distantly from their homes

Securus Video Visitation will present friends and relatives the unlimited openings to unite with prisoners in the convenience of their homes. Securus Video Visitation entirely relies on the internet and will allow remote prisoner interaction using Smartphone personal computer, PC, and tablets. Family members can contact live video chats with their incarcerated loved ones using computers mobile devices. Securus Video Visitation is available for both for Android, iPhone, iPod, and iPad. Family members require a webcam and an internet access on the computer when using computers. Involvement requires creating of the Securus Video Visitation user account and successfully enrolling in the selected Prison facility.


Securus Video Visitation to ease Onsite Prisoner Visits

Family members can decide to use Securus Video Visitation to schedule their next prisoner visits during this Christmas. The video platform gives family members the convenience of avoiding the extended prisoner visit waiting durations. Family members are to present their identifications to the prison personnel for safety verification before conducting a visit. Securus Video Visitation totally join with prison supervision procedures making sure that prisoner visit appointments are planned for in the offered prison time slots.