The Chainsmokers’ Short Tutorial For The Song “Somebody” And Its Other Recent Commercial Success

The world already knows the electric and wonderfully creative EDM production duo The Chainsmokers as a popular name. Its fans know Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall as the creators of the brand. Its fans already have purchased the duo’s hit albums and listened to the disarming beats that they have managed to churn out almost regularly at the pleasure of their fans. However, what most of their fans don’t often hear about or see is the actual creative process of The Chainsmokers in creating their songs. That would change now.


In a Billboard article, a Facebook upload of The Chainsmokers is recently released. The video shows Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall playing the piano and tinkering with their computer to produce the synths for their song “Somebody”. The fans of The Chainsmokers can hopefully learn a lot from the short video. The fans may even see how Pall and Taggart create the kind of synths that would make for a commercially hit track. These fans can also get a taste of the tireless process of The Chainsmokers in bringing out the best of their music to their fans.


About The Chainsmokers


The EDM production duo The Chainsmokers is composed of Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall, and it’s now one of the most famous, commercially successful production teams today that have managed to beat the competition in the EDM music genre. The duo is also famous for its spectacular performances, including the Ultra Miami 2018 Live Performance they did, which was described to be epic.


It is also one of the biggest achievements of The Chainsmokers to have its second single get an impressive one billion streams in the famous music platform, Spotify. This makes The Chainsmokers the first ever DJ team to have been recognized by Billboard as part of its recently launched Best Dance 100 Songs list.


The new category is officially released by Matt Medved, Billboard’s Director for its Dance and Electronic Programming. He declared that the new category is an effort to recognize the data-driven ranking of various dance music production teams. It’s then such a fortunate turn of events for The Chainsmokers to be the first DJ group ranked in such new Billboard category.

Roseann Bennett Optimistic About The Future Of Telemedicine

Roseann Bennett is the co-founder of the Center for Treatment & Assessment along with Dr. Todd Bennett and is dedicated to coming to the aid of individuals in need. Ms. Bennett prepared for her career by obtaining an Ed.S and MA at Seton Hall University in Family therapy and medicine. Other qualifications earned by Ms. Bennett are licensing as a marriage and family therapist, and a certification in cognitive therapy from the Reach Institute.

Roseann Bennett is committed to affecting a positive change in the perceptions society has of individuals needing therapy and is working to make this help available to all individuals that need it.

Ms. Bennett recently spoke in recognition of Mental Health Awareness Week and explained that she is extremely optimistic about the prospects of using Telemedicine to make therapy immediately to patients and how Bennett Views the Future of Therapy.

Telemedicine works by using information technology and telecommunications to facilitate the delivery of clinical health care from remote locations.

Roseann Bennett says that providing clients with mental health therapy by use of telecommunications is a logical progression for the industry in the light of the technological advances that have benefitted society as a whole in recent times. Bennett also explains that the benefits of this technology are many. Go To This Page for more information.

One of the main benefits of Telemedicine is convenience. In today’s busy world it could become a bit of a challenge to locate the offices of a skilled therapist while working and taking care of a family. Also, once finding a qualified therapist it can sometimes take weeks for an appointment time to become available.

A virtual appointment with a family and marriage therapist like Roseann Bennett can take place in the convenience of a client’s own home, at a time that is right for them, and for a lower cost that would be necessary to pay for physical visits to a therapist.


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Jeff Herman Is A Seasoned Lawyer Helping Clients Get The Justice They Deserve

Nationally recognized lawyer Jeff Herman is helping those in need get the justice they deserve. He is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Herman Law which is based in Boca Raton, Florida. Jeff attended the University of Arizona and got a Bachelor of Science degree. As a lawyer Mr. Herman had to get a Law degree so he went to the Case Western Reserve University School of Law where he earned a Juris Doctor degree in 1985.


Jeff Herman has won many awards because of his outstanding service and lawyer skills. One technique that he finds has made him really successful is immersing himself in his cases and trying to understand where his clients are coming from. This means that he speaks to people about prevention of sexual abuse, primarily to educators, groups, and especially parents who care so much about their children. He also continually teaches attorneys who want to go into the field of litigating sexual abuse cases. Read This Article to learn more.


Training them the right way will allow them to be more successful and also teaches them to talk about this very sensitive matter with their clients who have been traumatized. Jeff Herman wants his clients to feel empowered and give them the integrity and dignity they deserve. On that note, one trend that Mr. Herman is passionate about is the #metoo movement because the victims are finally having their voices heard and are being supported like they should. He loves that the victims are feeling empowered and their stories deserve to be heard.


If Jeff could give himself advice when he was younger it would to be patient and don’t give up. He would advise himself to not rush things and enjoy the journey of life. Moving on, Mr. Herman is a very productive lawyer as of now. He writes everything and the timelines on whiteboards to see every detail. He coins himself a very visual person so doing this particular thing helps a great deal. Jeff Herman also has a team of former law enforcement officials to scope all the details and do a proper investigation of what happened.


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Mike Baur focuses on mentorship through accelerator program

The first step of entrepreneurship is coming up with brilliant business ideas and business plans. These are aimed at filling in voids that exist in the market. An entrepreneur will in most cases come up with brilliant ideas which will involve the application of professional studies, market research, marketing skills, among other measures taken to ensure that once the business idea is rolled out, it picks up well. However, brilliant ideas do not always translate to really good results. Sometimes, entrepreneur encounter business challenges that they might not have anticipated or they might be so much involved in particular aspects of the business that they forget the basic factors that help any business to grow.


There is one important aspect that entrepreneurs tend to forget and that is “people.” The humanistic approach in very business is something that cannot be avoided at all. The role of employees in a business is significant and none which can progress without the input of human beings. It is for such reasons that people in business have recognized this aspect of every business and have decided to invest in mentoring, group talents, and valuing the importance of peers in a business setting. Getting reliable information from people who have succeeded in running a business is one of the best steps you can take while in business. In business, you never stop learning.


Mike Baur, the founder of Swiss startup accelerator program known as Swiss Startup Factory, is one of the entrepreneurs who recognize the important role played by people in business. Mike Baur has encountered firsthand the struggles entrepreneurs go through while he was working in the banking sector. He has extensive experience after working in the financial industry for over two decades where he was offering investment advice and portfolio management. Through his experience working in the banking sector, he was able to understand the challenges that business people go through. He came up with important lessons which he teaches entrepreneurs today through the Swiss Startup Factory.


The startup accelerator is meant to help people who do not have sufficient knowledge to start and grow a business to understand what it is like to run one successfully. From working with different people in business, Mike Baur realized that the success of a business is not determined by the brilliance of the idea but by the leadership skills of the entrepreneur. He also learned success in business is also influenced by the motivation of the entrepreneur and perseverance to challenges that affect the industry.


Fortress Investment Group retains its Helm of Leadership even after the Buyout.

An investment manager is often involved in making investment portfolios, securities and critical decisions for clients under several factors with the most notable being the investment objectives. Alongside the parameters of investment as defined by clients in particular, an astute investment manager shapes the life goals of a client objectively. From buying to selling various securities, to monitoring and even settling transactions, without a doubt, an investment manager plays pivotal roles that the ordinary investor cannot indulge in. One such organization that has cemented its name on the tight walls of investment management is Fortress Investment Group.

The Establishment and Leadership

Fortress Investment Group is a globally diversified investment manager that has managed about $43.6 billion in assets since 2017. Three co-principals who shared a vision formed the company; to help investors make the right investment decision. Over the past years, these three co-principals have successfully managed more than 1,700 institutional clients including private investors, real estate, and credit managers.

 Ethics and Mission

At its most basic explanation, Fortress Investment Group values investment performance. Consequently, the cornerstone of the company’s operations has been shaped by the need to generate stable risk-adjusted proceeds for investors in the long run. Over and above, the team is dedicated to maintaining healthy corporate image alongside governance policies as well as practices. With the board of directors in charge, Fortress Investment Group has set policies as well as procedures that establish the uppermost level of accountability and integrity.

 Working at Fortress Investment Group

Without a doubt, the good name that Fortress boasts of is as a result of the commitment, hard work and expertise employees have contributed to the organization. Mutually, they are responsible for preserving as well as enhancing the stellar reputation; an undertaking that is essential to their continued success. Moreover, Fortress Investment Group has created a healthy working environment for its employees. Alongside an impressive physical environment and occupational health, employees have attested to finding it easy to shape their career in Fortress Investment Group.

 Softbank Group Acquires Fortress Investment Group

In late 2017, Japan’s Softbank Group announced the sealing of Fortress Investment Group’s acquisition deal at $3.3 billion. Softbank, a company that focuses on technology investment, proposed the deal to purchase Fortress Investment Group at $8.08 in February. At that moment the deal was priced at 39% higher than the stock’s close.

 Management after the Acquisition

Fortress, a project of three co-principals, Wes Edens, Randal Nardone and Peter Briger, will operate independently with its central office in New York. In the words of Softbank’s Masayoshi Son, the only aspect of change in this deal is in ownership. Otherwise, the business model, employees, corporate culture, and management will be maintained.

 The Overview

Fortress Investment Group is focused on enhancing control-oriented investments within cash flow generating assets in addition to asset-based businesses. Primarily, the company has been operating within North America, Western Europe in addition to the Caribbean. While the company is open to various investments across different industries, it has significantly contributed to private equity investments.

The Chainsmokers Alex Pall Branches Out

Alex Pall grew up with aspirations of becoming a DJ. Before moving to New York City he was already producing music before forming the electronic music duo known as The Chainsmokers. The duo is now ubiquitous on the radio with hits like “Roses” and “Don’t Let Me Down”. More recently the other half of the duo Drew Taggart has begun singing on one of their songs for the first time.

While Alex was a busy working DJ in New York when he first began, it was still mostly a hobby than a career. As time went on and he became more popular he realized that electronic dance music was his future and decided to dedicate himself to it full time. After the second original member of The Chainsmokers left the duo his manager introduced him to Drew Taggart as a possible replacement.

They hit off immediately and very quickly Drew moved from his home in Maine to Alex’s apartment in the city. They spent months working on new music every day from 9 till 7 and building their brand and identity as musicians at the same time. There was a very complimentary aspect to their relationship that proved to be the key to success.

After finding significant radio and popular success creating traditional electronic music, music where other more traditional singer-songwriters would provide the vocals and the lyrics while they provided the beat and production, on their latest single they have begun writing and singing their own lyrics. Alex feels that The Chainsmokers have more to offer than the traditional DJ who only produces or mixes music and beats but rarely sings.

The Chainsmokers have continued to find enormous success with both their music and building an identity as artists that have grown beyond sitting behind a turntable. While many DJ’s are content to spin records and let others do the singing, they have strived to create a name for themselves as something more. With multiple around the world tours, hundreds of sold out concerts, and fans that span multiple generations and countries, it can be said that they have definitely achieved their goal.

How Betsy DeVos has facilitated the Improvement of the U.S School System

Several women in the United States have strived to shatter the glass ceiling in the corporate world, and one of them is Betsy DeVos. She is a celebrated philanthropist who has devoted herself to supporting American children by pushing for reforms in the school system. Her campaigns have had a positive impact in over 25 states. The Senate approved Betsy to become the 11th U.S secretary of education. She has championed several policies that have significantly improved the school system. These include the use of the alternative methods such as charter schools, virtual schools, home schooling, and school voucher. Mrs. DeVos held a top position at the American Federation for Children (AFC) and the Foundation for Excellence in Education, which are organizations that were established to ensure that the country has excellent education standards. She has been advocating for flexibility in learning institution to enroll children from different neighborhoods.


Mrs. DeVos believes that there are no good schools in most low-income neighborhoods, and this denies children from such areas an opportunity to have a decent education. According to her, the main flaw in the system is the admission of children to schools based on their ZIP codes. Betsy opposes the system since it denies many individuals a chance to meet their career goals by attending good learning institutions. She has volunteered at organizations such as Kid Hope USA, Grand Rapids Public School, and the All Children Matter PAC.


The success of Betsy in her charity work is due to the support that she gets from her husband, Dick DeVos. Dick is a well-established entrepreneur who once served as the CEO of Amway and Orlando Magic, which are his family’s businesses. The couple also own a multi-million dollar company that is known as the Windquest Group. They started the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation to enable them to support different charity undertakings across the country. The accomplishments of the organization include funding the development of the ArtPrize and West Michigan Aviation College.


The philanthropist has established herself well in the political field. She is among the major supporters and donors of the Republican Party. Betsy has served the party’s Michigan office in different capacities, which include as a delegate, member of the Republican National Committee, and chairperson. She volunteered to the campaign for President George W. Bush and President Gerald R. Ford in 2004 and 1976 respectively. Mrs. DeVos has been part of a couple of party fundraisers, and her team raised $150,000 for President Bush’s re-election.


Betsy is striving to make sure that parents are offered the power to decide the schools that their children should join. Her family sponsored the Potter’s House Christian School to ensure that it continues offering free education to disadvantaged children. She is expected to make significant changes to the school system as the secretary of education.


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José Auriemo Neto Helps JHSF to Position itself as the Leader in the High-end Real-estate Sector

José Auriemo Neto, the CEO and Chairman of JHSF, is known for positioning the development firm as the leader in the high-end real-estate sector of Brazil. He added new business units under the developer, and that played a crucial role in expanding the capabilities and services of JHSF. The company is known for many innovations in the Brazilian residential, commercial, and retail sectors that added significant growth to the real-estate industry as a whole. JHSF has four business units, and that are developments, malls, executive airport, and hotels and restaurants under the brand “Fasano.” It also has two subsidiary firms named Sustenta Energia – a firm focusing on selling electricity at attractive rates to real estate market – and Sustenta Telecom – communication service provider for shopping centers and corporations.

Neto leads the firm to focus on its sustainability mission considering the need of the hour. JHSF adopts the best sustainability practices in all parts of the developments. It should be noted that the firm’s Cidade Jardim Corporate Center is considered as the first and the biggest sustainable project in Brazil in the corporate sector. Interestingly, the firm is one of the few real-estate development companies in the country that is possessing AQUA certificate for High Environmental Quality. Neto’s keen observation and insights helped the firm to think about the social responsibility projects in the communities that are adjacent to its developments. Interestingly, the company’s Vitara Tower located in Sao Paulo won the American-Architects Award in 2016 for being the most-suitable sustainable project.

José Auriemo Neto supervises the firm’s business operations and frames the strategy for growth. He was helping the company to open both retail and hotel business units. Neto also made exclusive agreements with international brands such as Hermes, Jimmy Choo, Valentino, and Pucci and opened their shops in the JHSF malls.

Neto started working with JHSF in 1993, and he founded a parking lot management business called Parkbem in 1997, as a subsidiary to JHSF. He personally supervised the planning, licensing, and execution of the firm’s first shopping mall named the Shopping Santa Cruz. Neto completed his graduation from FAAP University, Sao Paulo, before venturing into the real-estate sector. To know more about him click here.

Securus Technologies Revolutionizes Telecom Services in Correctional Facilities

Securus Technologies is a technology company specializing in telecom services in correctional facilities throughout North America. It was founded in 1986 in Dallas, Texas. With approximately 1000 employees, Securus Technologies has expanded its services throughout the United States. In July 2016, Securus Technologies invested over 600 million dollars in technologies, acquisitions, and patent within three years.

About Securus Technologies

As a tech savvy company, Securus Technologies devotes to assisting correctional facilities and government agencies in collecting, consolidating, visualizing, storing, and distributing information in the right way to ensure public safety. Securus Technologies ranks as the leading provider of tracking solutions, which aid the government in improving its efficiency.

Securus Technologies Telephony Services

With extensive experience in the world of technology, Securus Technologies understands the importance of having a variety of options when it comes to adding funds to inmate telephone accounts. Securus Technologies offer a broad range of payment options. Here are a few payment options of Securus Technologies’ telephony services. AdvanceConnect is a prepaid calling account. It’s one of Securus Technologies’ widely used payment option. A prepaid account enables you to keep track of your expenditure on telephony services. AdvanceConnect is the most commonly used payment option for inmate phone services.

Contrary, Direct Bill allows you to have all your charges billed monthly. It also allows you to receive calls directly from the detainees. Direct Bill is similar to Traditional Collect account, which includes all your call charges on your local company on a monthly basis. An Inmate Debit account allows the user to pay for all their telephone services on a monthly basis. It also allows friends and family to add funds to an inmate’s account. Securus Technologies has ensured adequate security in correctional facilities. Securus Technologies leverages its expertise in telecom to help correctional facilities maintain accuracy and relevance of their information.

Karl Heideck Crusades To Help Philadelphia Laws

Karl Heideck & Philadelphia Law
Karl Heideck & Philadelphia Law

Perhaps one of the most progressive laws that has been passed in the past few years in Philadelphia is the law that helps citizens to retain privacy when they are trying to get hired at a new job. In the past, employers were able to ask people what they made at their old jobs and that was a common question on applications. This made employees and potential employees subject to people knowing how much they make which is something that most people consider to be a private thing. Since they didn’t want to have to continue with this, there have been some major problems in the area that they are in and with the opportunities that they have had. Philadelphia wanted to change this and has since outlawed employers from asking questions about salary on applications or interviews. Those who continue to do this will have to pay a fine of up to 2,000 dollars.

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Since Karl Heideck knew about this law, knew what he was doing and knew how to help people, he was a part of the law. He helped to develop it and he was supportive of it so that he could help people with the things that were going on. He knew that he would be able to crusade to make things better for people so that they could have the jobs that they wanted no matter what kind of money they made at their previous job or how much they were able to do while they were there.

It was important to Karl Heideck to do all of this and to show people what they needed to be able to do. He tried to make things better for people and in the different situations he was a part of. For Karl Heideck to be able to do all of this, he had to make things better and had to try and help people with the issues they were having. Karl Heideck knew how to handle the situation because he is an attorney and has helped in the development of many other laws in the same Philadelphia area.