Sheldon Lavin is the Man Responsible for the Growth of OSI Group

OSI Group has been operational for almost a century. During this period, the company has experienced various challenges. Nevertheless, the various challenges did not hinder the company from growing at an exponential rate. What started as a small butcher shop is currently a leading company in the food provision sector.

Background Check

As much as the company has transitioned in the form of growth, company names and all that, there have also been transitions when it comes to the leader-board within the company. Otto Kolschowsky was the first man to lead the company; this is because he was the founder. The sons of Otto later took the mantle of leadership when the company was known as Otto & Sons. As the sons of Otto approached their retirement ages, the mantle of leadership had to be transferred to the likes of Sheldon Lavin. Sheldon Lavin who is an investment consultant has proven to be of great value to the company since he has been serving as the chief executive officer for over four decades.

Growth in Production

By partnering with McDonald’s as a supplier of meat products, OSI Group has been able to grow fast. There came a time when McDonald’s expanded globally. OSI Group was not left behind; they also went global. By launching branches in Germany and Spain, OSI had now become a multinational company operating in foreign waters.

Global Expansion

As OSI Group expanded internationally, the mantle of chairman and the chief executive officer was handed over to Sheldon Lavin. With his expertise in finance, he was suited to holding the two executive positions. As a leading food provider, OSI Group has been able to expound on their global presence through acquisitions and joint ventures. In the 2000’s, OSI Group also delved into dealing with poultry products. This all started by acquiring a U.K. based company known as Moy Park. Later on, OSI Group also engaged in a joint venture with Weihai Poultry in China, Shandong Province. During the same period, OSI also ventured into India and Australia.


All the acquisitions were made under Sheldon Lavin’s tenure. As a dedicated leader, Lavin has contributed significantly to the global expansion of OSI Group.