Juan OG Perez Spent Dollars on His Birthday

Juan OG who is now 50 years old was born in Harlem. He was raised in the same place where he was born and later he schooled at Brandeis high school, upper west side of Manhattan. He was to JAY Z through rock a fella record who is the co-founder and the managing director at Biggs. According to Perez, their relationship with Jay was very strong, binding on entertainment. Both of them were related as allies. Juan received his first shout in Jay’s lyrics back in the year 2003 the black album OG JUAN whattup. He was referring to Juan and his wife. Perez owned baseline studios.

At his birthday party, Juan spent thousands of dollars entertaining his relatives and friends. According to trusted sources, OG Perez and JAY Z, OG’S wife Desiree Perez, relatives and friends, all of them commenced the extravagant at night in midtown. They took dinner at one of the modern Japanese hotel Zuma Sunday. Zuma served the guests with steak, sushi and lobster which amounted to $ 1500. They later went to Mexico for a nightclub where they spent more than $ 10000 in drinking liquor.

In Mexico, this is where the party reached its climax. They ended the night party at playroom nightclub where they drank liquor like champagne which cost them another $ 95000. After they were fully drunk, each one of them went his or her way with only Perez, jay and other four close friends who spent the rest of the night at playroom nightclub. In conclusion, due to the friendship which has lasted for many years and great business investments, it is no surprise that jay has made a splurge and a big celebration when he is at fifty years old. For many decades OG and Desiree have been running successful businesses.

Fortress Investment Group retains its Helm of Leadership even after the Buyout.

An investment manager is often involved in making investment portfolios, securities and critical decisions for clients under several factors with the most notable being the investment objectives. Alongside the parameters of investment as defined by clients in particular, an astute investment manager shapes the life goals of a client objectively. From buying to selling various securities, to monitoring and even settling transactions, without a doubt, an investment manager plays pivotal roles that the ordinary investor cannot indulge in. One such organization that has cemented its name on the tight walls of investment management is Fortress Investment Group.

The Establishment and Leadership

Fortress Investment Group is a globally diversified investment manager that has managed about $43.6 billion in assets since 2017. Three co-principals who shared a vision formed the company; to help investors make the right investment decision. Over the past years, these three co-principals have successfully managed more than 1,700 institutional clients including private investors, real estate, and credit managers.

 Ethics and Mission

At its most basic explanation, Fortress Investment Group values investment performance. Consequently, the cornerstone of the company’s operations has been shaped by the need to generate stable risk-adjusted proceeds for investors in the long run. Over and above, the team is dedicated to maintaining healthy corporate image alongside governance policies as well as practices. With the board of directors in charge, Fortress Investment Group has set policies as well as procedures that establish the uppermost level of accountability and integrity.

 Working at Fortress Investment Group

Without a doubt, the good name that Fortress boasts of is as a result of the commitment, hard work and expertise employees have contributed to the organization. Mutually, they are responsible for preserving as well as enhancing the stellar reputation; an undertaking that is essential to their continued success. Moreover, Fortress Investment Group has created a healthy working environment for its employees. Alongside an impressive physical environment and occupational health, employees have attested to finding it easy to shape their career in Fortress Investment Group.

 Softbank Group Acquires Fortress Investment Group

In late 2017, Japan’s Softbank Group announced the sealing of Fortress Investment Group’s acquisition deal at $3.3 billion. Softbank, a company that focuses on technology investment, proposed the deal to purchase Fortress Investment Group at $8.08 in February. At that moment the deal was priced at 39% higher than the stock’s close.

 Management after the Acquisition

Fortress, a project of three co-principals, Wes Edens, Randal Nardone and Peter Briger, will operate independently with its central office in New York. In the words of Softbank’s Masayoshi Son, the only aspect of change in this deal is in ownership. Otherwise, the business model, employees, corporate culture, and management will be maintained.

 The Overview

Fortress Investment Group is focused on enhancing control-oriented investments within cash flow generating assets in addition to asset-based businesses. Primarily, the company has been operating within North America, Western Europe in addition to the Caribbean. While the company is open to various investments across different industries, it has significantly contributed to private equity investments.